What are the differences between Wall Beds & Murphy Beds?

The term Murphy Bed arose through the original manufacturer of "Fold-Up" beds, but the term has been used by many other manufacturers who have nothing to do with the original company, and so there is a fair amount of confusion.

Basically, Wall Beds and Murphy Beds are the same things - Mattresses enclosed in a cabinet containing hardware that allows one to lower the bed off the wall when needed and close it up when it isn't in use. There are simply a variety of manufacturers who go about it with different types of "Hardware."

One of the main differences in "Hardware" is the "Bi-fold" style versus the "Panel" style. Most people prefer the "Panel" style because the entire bed face comes down as one piece whereas the "Bi-fold" style usually has 2 pairs of bi-fold doors that need to be opened and then the bed frame is pulled down - this makes the guest feel like they are in a closet and if you have any furniture next to the bed, i.e., nightstands, it makes it difficult to utilize them.

The Easy-Lift Mechanism is a "Panel" style Wallbed and is the strongest and most versatile "Wallbed Mechanism" in the industry.

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