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Wallbeds Northwest makes organizing your closet easy.

From simple Reach-In to elaborate Walk-In closets, Wallbeds Northwest will guide you through the process of organizing your closet while making it an enjoyable experience.

Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing space-saving furniture, and our reputation for building quality furniture and cabinets will be a great benefit to you.                      

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And it's really all very simple; here's how we do it:

1. We measure your closet(s).

2. Gain understanding as to your needs and desires: What style you prefer; how many drawers and shelves you would like, how much hanging space, etc.

3. Design your closet to suit your needs using 3D CAD Software.

4. Give you the price that includes everythinginstallation and hardware.

5. We manufacture your closet system ourselves locally and install laminate projects typically 2-3 weeks after you place your order. Real wood closets may take a little longer depending on finishing.

As with all our cabinetry and furniture, the choices are limitless. Choose from contemporary to traditional designs in laminates that are solid in color, such as white and almond, or woodgrain, such as espresso or cherry. We also have a complete selection of real wood in any finish. You can select from dozens of standard units or customize your closet any way you would like.

See more closet designs in our gallery!

Custom fit, without the Custom charge: In our factory, we use computerized machinery that uses the information from the 3D CAD Drawing of your closet to machine all the parts to perfection. This also allows us to fit the furniture to your space without having to add a custom charge.


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