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About Wallbeds

   Wallbeds have been around now for over 100 years. Many people know Wallbeds by the term "Murphy Bed."  The term "Murphy Bed" arose through the original manufacturer of "Fold-Up" beds, but now the term has been used by many other manufacturers who have nothing to do with the original company, and so there is a fair amount of confusion. Basically, Wall Beds and Murphy Beds are the same thing - Mattresses enclosed in a cabinet containing hardware that allows one to lower the bed off the wall when needed and close it up when it isn't in use. There are simply a variety of manufacturers who go about it with different types of "Hardware."

   One of the main differences in "Hardware" is the "Bi-fold" style versus the "Panel" style. The old Murphy Bed was a bi-fold style wallbed. Most people prefer the "Panel" style because the entire bed face comes down as one piece whereas the "Bi-fold" style usually has 2 pairs of bi-fold doors that need to be opened and then the bed frame is pulled down; this makes the guest feel like they are in a closet and if you have any furniture next to the bed, i.e., nightstands, it makes it difficult to utilize them. Both systems work and it really comes down to personal preference and what your needs are. One thing to be aware of is that a panel style wallbed does require more strength as it needs to hold the front panels of the bed frame (door panels). That's why the strength and versatility of the Easy-Lift Wallbed Mechanism makes it the best Wallbed Mechanism in the industry.

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